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Space Tortilla: Is this a real thing?

No, not really food related… I am a recruiter so I am talking about a particular kind of candidate; find out which type of candidate is a Space Tortilla!

If there is food related in any conversation, I am all ears! Yes, I love food; not any kind of food, I do have my preferences.. but I think that most people are really keen to tortillas!

So do the astronauts. Actually, it was not really their choice. On the early years, the people at NASA realised that it is quite difficult to have a sandwich or a toast while you are in space. The reason? Think about zero gravity. Think about objects floating all over. And now, think about having 2 slices of bread and additional food (cheese slice, ham etc.) to add on your sandwich. You would need 3 hands!

And then, the idea was born – Tortillas! The shape is ideal as you can hold it with one hand and add the extras with the other hand.

But, enough said about NASA and their solutions. How do Space Tortillas match candidates?

I recently faced a challenge into recruiting for a particular role within the company I am currently employed. The required technology package along with the personal competencies of the potential candidate narrowed down my choices. Not only that, but I needed to make sure that the candidate would be willing to relocate to Cyprus. What does that mean?

My perfect candidate exists but he (I will use the male article just for the shake of briefness) will need to start considering a new opportunity, away from the well-known business-related top-notch countries (such as Germany, UK, Belgium etc.), in a B2B company that despite the fact that it employs more than 26K people all around the globe, yet it is not as famous on the eyes of passive candidates. These candidates would be intrigued by names as Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

To begin with, I needed to identify those candidates. And trust me, they are well hidden. From what I understood, a Space Tortilla is not only a star on his field of excellence but he can also do the job of 2 or even more people. He - of course - ticks all the boxes on a job description and sometimes, you may be hesitant in contacting him with a specific proposal as you may feel that he will laugh at your face. And trust me, he most probably will.

A Space Tortilla is not a people’s person. He does not usually get along if you place him within a team. You will not see on his CV “team player”. He works alone, crazy hours, has his own style and most often, he is not a person that would share knowledge. Simply, because others would not understand. He might be a bit confusing while talking but trust me, it all makes sense on his mind and if you see his work, you will get exactly why he is the best.

This type of candidate is possibly working as a freelancer or a contractor in the most well-known companies of the industry. And he is located in a technologically-advanced country. If you are thinking to attract him with a relocation package in a small or indifferent location, be prepared to give it all!

Talking with him, you will possibly conclude that he is arrogant; sometimes even snobbish. Well, he is totally worth it! He is the best and he knows it. He does not accept discounts on his professional life. So, don’t try to trick him.

A Space Tortilla candidate though, may be considered as “spicy” for any employer. Why? Well, as the food, he is delicious to have but also spicy. He can boost your company, but he will not share knowledge. He might be assertive. He will not take part on your weekly meetings just to discuss about the progress of your project. An employer must be very eager to work with him and create the perfect environment for him. And certainly, he needs to recognise him at all times! Not only within the company but on social media too.

Below, I put down a list of the top characteristics of this type of candidate:

1. Master of the Industry

2. Exceptional Qualifications

3. Works alone

4. Possibly contractor

5. Arrogant & Snobbish

TIP: If you have a Space Tortilla working for you, or you just managed to hire one, make sure you RECOGNIZE at all times!

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