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The Rolling Stone

Rolling stone: noun, a person who is unwilling to settle for long in one place

The IT industry encounters the phenomenon of skilled professionals’ job hopping. Employees tend to leave a company after a couple of years, if not sooner. This does not mean that they are not satisfied with the company, the supervisor or the benefits of their role; it is simply because they are given a much better opportunity by someone else.

Let’s see what used to happen in the past. Baby Boomers & Generation X (born between the 50s to the end of 70s) were traditionally employed and stuck to a company for decades. This gave them the feeling of security and validation for the future.

But then, the internet & modern technologies bloomed, and this led to Millennials or Generation Y (born between 1980 to mid 90s) to be given lots of opportunities to thriving companies.

As the IT industry flourished, new jobs came along, and new skills and qualifications were developed and nurtured so young professionals could further elaborate and become even more advanced.

A couple of decades ago, an IT person would be someone with basic programming skills and hardware systems understanding. Nowadays, there are so many different IT roles and profiles that give the industry a significant push forward.