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The Message - How to better engage with candidates on LinkedIn

Over the years, new techniques are coming to the surface, new tools and methods claim to assist the recruiters worldwide to better engage with candidates. But what is the most important thing?

Approaching a potential candidate might seem like an easy job but from personal experience, the response rate may be considered good if it is between 15-30% (talking about IT professionals; in Sales the relevant percentage can easily climb to 50-70%).

No matter the process a recruiter follows to source the candidates, the end result will only come after the message is sent. Now, what exactly is this message? It is the mean, the way and the effort a recruiter puts into transforming a passive candidate into an active one; a X-company employee into a successful candidate for the role assigned. Therefore, it needs to be clear, consistent and most importantly, personal!

I will use as an example the case of a passive candidate sourced through LinkedIn. How do recruiters approach people on LI?